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I Object, Your Honour!

5 Steps to Handle Objections

If only our customers were this obvious about raising objections, it would be much easier to deal with them, wouldn’t it? Instead they tell you they’re “just looking” or they want to look around a bit more, or they need a couple more quotes, or the size isn’t right, or the colour, or the specifications. In fact they tell you so many lies and half truths that it’s no wonder many salespeople quote the saying “Buyers are Liars”.

That’s a bit harsh because what they’re really saying usually isn’t “I don’t want to buy from you”, it’s more a case of “I need you to convince me why I should buy from you,” and they use smokescreen objections to do just that. Go ahead and believe them... if you really don’t feel like selling anything today, or maybe you can figure out an effective strategy for dealing with these types of objections.

The first step in your “Handling Objections Strategy” is to recognise the objection for what it is...a request for more information.

Most sales professionals give up after only ONE objection! So of course, Step Two in your strategy is; Don’t give up. The only time to give up is when you are certain the objection they’ve given you is real and you can’t handle it. About the only time this happens is when they genuinely don’t have any money or genuinely don’t have any need.

And that brings us to Step Three, needs analysis. You should have already asked them earlier in the sales process all the excellent questions you have at your disposal in order to figure out what their real needs are and what will motivate them to buy, but in case you overlooked this vital step, do it now.

Step Four is putting the objection to one side for a minute, just to test the temperature a bit. “Just suppose for a minute Mrs Client, that delivery dates were not a concern, would you go ahead and buy the rocket launchers and matching hand grenades?” Yes? Then the delivery dates are a real concern and once you deal with that, she’s just told you that you have the deal. Did you notice?

Step Five is getting to the bottom of the objection and to do that we say these magic little words.... “Obviously you have a reason for saying that. Do you mind if I ask what it is?” and it works like this... “Let’s suppose Mr Customer, that price was not a concern, would you still be interested in purchasing our fully automated laser guidance system?” No? Obviously you have a reason for saying that, do you mind if I ask what it is?” Keep going until you find out what their real objection is and when you do, answer it.

Objection Over-ruled!

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