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Through the strokes of my fingertips, you become impossible to ignore.

You are lusciously, temptingly, seductively real...

and available


You’re gorgeous.  You have the looks and the attitude. 

So why aren’t you getting the business?

The plain truth comes down to how you appear in print.  You can have the best glamour pics in the world, but if your words don’t tell the story your potential clients want to hear, then they just pass on by. 

Of course, how you look is important, but you and I know it’s only half the story. The other half is how you come across, your manner, your back story, how you interact. 

If it wasn’t, women with unfortunate faces would never get laid.

Are you the sweet innocent schoolgirl you appear to be

...or do your words let you down? 

Are you the knowing, sophisticated party girl they want to spend lots of time with,

...or did your story leave them flaccid?  

Are you the expensive bitch goddess that haunts their dreams and leaves them quivering in the corner with their Platinum Amex extended to your waiting hand,

...or did your sell job leave them cold?

I get it.  Not everyone is good at writing, especially about themselves. 

More importantly, not everyone is good at writing advertising copy and that’s why you’re in luck, because you just happened to see my ad and paused long enough to get this far.


I make punters stop in their tracks.  Once they read a few carefully chosen words of mine, I take their breath away.  I know what I’m doing.  I’ve been doing it for years.  I write ads that make people feel horny, sexy, excited, anticipatory, nervous, sweaty and lustful.


I make them feel powerful, manly and masterful.  I make them feel like scared teenagers afraid of premature ejaculation. 

I make them want you…

and the things I've made them believe only you can give them.

That’s the moment they hit the Book Me button on your profile page.


Will this be the moment you hit my BOOK ME button? 


Don’t waste time wondering. If you need more info... 

Working from Home
Ice Cream Classic Signs


I write unique advertising copy aimed at getting your clients to buy your services. 

The copy I write is personalised just for you, is entirely my own work and is the product of my imagination.  That gives it the aura of authenticity.  It's not written by some hack sitting in a sweatshop word mill in India.


I do not and will not plagiarise (copy) other people’s advertising, but if you have seen an ad you like and want me to write in that style, I’m happy to oblige, as long as it’s a good ad! 


I will work with you to make sure the ad/s I write for you fit with your own style and personality.  Together, we'll make sure they are suitable to sell whichever service or services you wish to offer.  If you don't like it, I'll work with you, making adjustments until you do.


I offer a variety of methods you and I can communicate. 

Video Conferencing using;  FB Messenger, Skype, Zoom or Whats App.

Voice Consultations using;  Phone, FB Messenger, Skype





My fees are based on the number and type of projects I write for you.  These could include copy for; Bios,  your own website, (I can offer web design skills too), another website, your social media posts,  ‘client’ reviews, or other advertising media.



You can direct debit, depositing payment directly into my Australian Bank Account.  If you choose this option, I will send you my bank details.

You can use PayPal, an email based money transferring service, though they do have hefty fees, which you will need to cover.

I am unable to accept credit card or cash payments at this time.


I am JoJo Cole, a 60-something woman with a diverse string of talents and skills. Some of them are even useful.

I am based in New Zealand and have also lived in the UK, USA and Australia at various periods in my long and colourful life.


I have tried my hand at many different occupations, including driving 18 wheeler trucks interstate in the USA, editing music videos in the early days of MTV, shooting and editing Roller Derby in California in the 80s, Pit Crew on the US Sprint Car circuit, (no my nails weren’t manicured and I didn’t wear caked on makeup and teased up big hair).  I saved the make-up and big hair until I was working at the Chicken Ranch in Nevada.  I also freelanced at many of the best casinos in Vegas, I have mad sales skills.  From time to time, I've had my share of run-ins with the law. It wasn't pretty.


I’ve created and run some incredibly successful businesses (until they weren’t) and I’ve been involved in advertising in many different forms, including creating print, radio and TV ads through the 80's to the present day.  I’ve purchased radio, TV and print ads for my own businesses and I’ve also sold advertising, so I know this industry from a number of perspectives. I’ve also written two books on Sales, created two video-based sales training programmes, comprising a total of 39+ hours of TV with accompanying sales workbooks, that were accredited by the Australian Government. 


I have written advertising and scripts for pre-recorded phone-sex lines.  I have devised television, print and other media advertising for these services.  Clearly, I'm non-judgmental.


I still write advertising copy for clients all over the world.  I’m getting old now, but I’m still sharp and I know more than most about what makes people buy.


If you’ve read this far, you’re clearly in need of some help getting your advertising working for you.


It’s time to take the next step and get in touch.




You will be ecstatic that you did - and that’s a promise I can definitely keep.

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